Elemental Tiles

Learn About Elemental Tiles

Elemental Tiles is a challenging puzzle game that requires the player to concentrate and have a strategy to overcome the rounds. You can navigate through obstacles and reach the exit by wielding the elemental power—each with separated properties.

It's time to unleash your ability to solve puzzles while trying to harness natural forces in this amazing adventure.

The Power Of Elements

When playing Elemental Tiles, there are tiles corresponding to various elements, each with its own distinctive characteristics. These represent ice, water, air, and fire.

Understanding how elements interact with the environment is necessary. In this way, players can successfully navigate and pass the challenging rounds.

Each step is a new challenge. Players must carefully consider the elemental properties and utilize the proper strategy while manipulating the tiles, creating pathways, and overcoming obstacles to solve puzzles in Elemental Tiles.

Relationships Between Elements

Elements in this puzzle game influence each other. Typically, water can extinguish the fire, while fire will make water evaporate. If icing the obstacles is due to ice, air with the moving capacity can carry objects to new positions.

Once you understand elemental interactions, progressing via levels is quick and easy.

Various Puzzles

The higher the level, the more complex a progression of puzzles will become. It means that you will encounter varied challenges, such as a more dynamic environment, many obstacles, and various elemental switches. You'd better use the optimal properties and adjust your strategies to achieve the best result.

How To Play

Access the Elemental Tiles' website and press "Enter" or "Space."

You need to move the smile icon---your character as long as it goes to the stair icon.

There are obstacles that you must overcome by using the elements:

  • Fire: You can use it to eliminate the obstacles.
  • Air: It allows you to move the obstacles to other locations (just one cell at a time).
  • Water: Moving your character is okay, but it is entirely useless before obstacles.
  • Ice: Like its icon, this element is used to ice the obstacles and then push them to the end of the road.
  • Unlike other puzzle games, in Elemental Tiles, you use the arrow keys on your keyboard, including right, left, up, and down, to move your character. If you're playing on touch devices, these buttons will display on the screen to use.

    During playing, if you realize the previous moving steps were wrong, you can press “U” to undo the moves.

    When you play at the levels with locks, you must eliminate obstacles to unlock the keys.

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