About Elementle

Puzzle games are often associated with word games, but Elementle has brought a new wave in the players’ community for its unique gameplay. Unlike a word game that will challenge players to figure out the hidden word in the game, this variant presents a unique challenge.

It requires players to spot exactly the hidden chemical element in the game via a given description related to the element. This unique challenge is what sets the game apart and makes it a must-try for puzzle game enthusiasts.

Playing Elementle is a fun way to spend your free time and a practical way to improve your knowledge of Chemistry. The information about the chemical element in the game is not just theoretical but also practical and familiar to your daily life.

The descriptions will be about the common things around you, making the learning experience more relatable and enjoyable. For this reason, you can also acquire additional understanding of many other things apart from solely Chemistry, making Elementle a fun and educational tool.

How To Play The Elementle Game?

Elementle will give you a description relevant to the hidden element in the game. Below, you will see a list of element symbols colored in black and white. You have to choose a suitable symbol matching the description and the secret element of the game.

To make your guess, you have to press the potential element symbol, then click the Submit Answer button to let the game know your guess. Honestly, the game doesn’t insert lively graphics for the gameplay, so it’s quite difficult for players to determine whether the guess is recorded or not.

There are many element symbols, but only two symbols are first shown on your screen. To see more symbols, you have to click or tap the right and left arrows on the lateral sides of the symbols.

Clues Given In Elementle

You will get feedback from the system after submitting your guesses. The hints will come in the form of colored shapes:

  • If your guessed symbol is wrong, a red cross will pop up.
  • If your guessed symbol gets a yellow triangle, you are almost there. It’s not physically close to the correct symbol on the screen, but it is one of the potential symbols related to the descriptions.
  • You will get a green checkmark if your guess matches the game’s solution.
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