Elinko: Unexpected Connections To Enhance Your Skills Of Word Association

"Actor" and "Storm" may seem unrelated at first glance, but Enlinko connects them in a way you would never expect. The game, designed by Nebula Bytes, requires you to find matching words to link 2 unrelated words together, forming a relevant sequence.

For example, the game provides you with 2 words: "ACTOR" and "STORM." Your mission is to enter the following words that are partly related to "ACTOR" until you can reach the ending word "STORM." A possible sequence is ACTOR -> STAR -> SUN -> CLOUDS -> STORM. But you can always let your creativity run wild with this!

Fascinating, isn't it?? Scroll down to learn the rule and let your word association abilities unleash.

Enlinko Game Modes

The game starts with three Playing Modes (Normal, Hard, and Challenge) and one Custom Mode. The first three options offer varying levels of difficulty based on the required relevance of the following words.

Each of your inputs in the Normal, Hard, and Challenge modes should be at least 10%, 20%, or 30% related to the previous word, respectively. You will be granted one challenge each day with 2 starting and ending words.

When it comes to Custom mode, the player decides the chosen keyword pair and sets the desired matching rate. Then, play it solo or share it with the community as a thrilling battle between word-guessing game lovers.

How To Play Enlinko Game

Once you finish the settings, access the game. The system gives you 2 random terms. They will initially appear unrelated, and it’s when your linguistic abilities shine to come up with relevant words.

Type any term related to the starting word and wait a few seconds. Enlinko employs a calculation system using semantic vectors from ConceptNet Numberbatch from Luminoso Technologies, Inc. If your inputs satisfy the required percentage of relevance, keep on building the bridge by creating more words. Otherwise, your challenge will come to an end.

Like wordle nyt, you only have one go per play, but at least multiple modes are on the way. Come back at midnight local time to take on new rounds. In the meantime, looking around the Elinko community and taking on new challenges crafted by fellow enthusiasts is a great idea.

It is best to have a wise strategy to close the gap between two keywords. The more correct terms you work out, the higher your score. How far can you go? Test your skills and find out!

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