About Equatle

If you are a fan of challenging puzzle games, Wordle may not be a stranger to you. This title is a fascinating game in which players will have to figure out a secret 5-letter English word within 6 tries. Without high-end graphics like other AAA games, Wordle still attracts huge love from puzzle game enthusiasts globally due to its unique and interesting gameplay.

Since developing the Wordle game is not difficult but still manages to attract millions of players, many game makers also create a Wordle-like version of their own. One of the most outstanding variants is the combination of words and math. We are talking about Equatle!

As the name suggests, it is a unique blend of Wordle and mathematical equations. In this game, you'll be solving Wordle puzzles, but with a twist-they're presented as mathematical equations. This innovative gameplay is sure to pique your interest and keep you engaged.

How To Play The Equatle Game?

In Equatle, players won’t have to calculate the result of an equation, but they will have to figure out the equations leading to the given results. Since the game contains a 5x5 grid, players will have five guesses to combine five elements of an equation, like numbers or mathematical signs, to lead to the given number.

You can arrange the equation by clicking the wanted mathematical signs and numbers on the virtual keyboard of the game. After your arrangement, don’t forget to press Enter to submit your answer.

Equatle is not a difficult challenge due to the number of elements in the equation. Only five elements are in the equation, so the calculation will be much easier than guessing a hidden word in the Wordle game.

Hints In The Equatle Game

The game will give you feedback, aka clues, once you submit your guess. You can understand the meanings of the colored hints following these explanations:

  • The green color is applied to numbers or signs that are contained in the hidden equation and placed in the precise spots in the guessed equation you submit.
  • The yellow color is applied to elements that also appear in the equation, but you must alter the yellow elements’ position in your later guess.
  • If a number or sign is not included in the hidden equation, it will turn gray.
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