Evil Wurdle

A Quick Introduction To Evil Wurdle

The Evil Wurdle game is a word-guessing game based on the legendary Wordle game. And you can easily notice that the word “Wurdle” is modified from the original “Worlde.” The reason is not that the developer can’t think of a more creative name, but he wants to imply the game’s feature via the title.

The mission in Evil Wurdle is to spot a five-letter English word. Yet, the word may not come from the ordinary English dictionary. The solution word may turn into a random modified version you coin when messaging with your friends.

Furthermore, the Evil Wurdle game doesn’t set a limit for the number of guesses you can make within one game. The only limit here is your idea and creativity.

How To Play The Evil Wurdle Game?

Honestly, the graphics and layout of the Evil Wurdle game are mediocre and boring. Yet, if we consider the game a quick pastime for our free time, it is tolerable. Besides, the simple gameplay makes the game compatible and runs seamlessly on almost every device.

You can form the potential word by typing in the blank box beside the “Guess” word. Or, you can use your computer mouse to choose from the provided alphabetical letters.

Once you submit a guess, the familiar color like in Wordle will show up to guide you:

  • The gray color tells you that the letter doesn’t appear in the word.
  • The yellow letter indicates that you must alter its place in the word.
  • The green letter is the sign of a correct guess.
  • Tricks For Evil Wurdle

    If you are good at computer science, you can rely on the Javascript console to reach the solution words closer. The main function of the Javascript console in Evil Wurdle is to narrow down the list of potential words for you. Therefore, the game is still a surprising and exciting game to enjoy, even with tricks.

    In case you are desperate about the game, you can choose “Give up” to see the answer.

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