Fibble - Find A Lie In Every Row

This game inherits most of the features from its famous predecessor - Wordle. But what makes it different? K&R Garfield, its creator, concealed a 5-character keyword and a few lies.

These misunderstandings make your road to victory more arduous. Luckily, Fibble offers a few useful tools to keep you out of the trap. Scroll down to discover the detailed gameplay.

How To Have Fun With The Fibble Game

Your ultimate task in Fibble is still the same as in other basic word guessing games - find a meaningful word consisting of 5 letters. However, you get a smoother start because the system provides a starting word. In other words, you have received a few hints through this sky-dropping gift.

You have 8 turns left to unlock the final result and get the glory. Build a smart strategy and consider the color transformations after each input. Green shows you have placed the character where it belongs. Meanwhile, you need to adjust the position if the tile turns yellow. Once you come across gray, the character is not in the secret keyword.

Unfortunately, your journey is not without pitfalls. Every grid line contains a lie no matter what random word you enter. The cheat placement setting is the same for all players. In simple terms, the system can fool you through the familiar color scheme. For example, the green tile does not mean it is correct anymore.

That's why the game gives you two more new functions to strengthen reasoning. If you suspect a character is just a cover-up, tap on it to paste a flag. Conversely, long-press or right-click to highlight tiles you are true. This helps you increase your vigilance and get to the destination faster.


Can I Return To Previous Challenges?

Yes. Click the Previous button at the top of the main screen to go back to the previous days sequentially. One quick access is to tap the Calendar icon and select your desired date.

When Does The Daily Play Reset?

You can only play the daily challenge once a day. Then you have to wait for it to reset at half point local time. The good news is that you can access many other challenges in Unlimited modes.

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