Brief Info About Fillominordle

Among many puzzle games related to words and numbers, Fillominordle stands out as one of the most interesting but difficult challenges for the fan community. This title is a combination of the Fillomino game and the famous word-guessing wordle game.

While Wordle requires players to figure out a secret English word, Fillomino is a number game that includes complex rules that players must comprehend to win. The journey to victory can take a lot of time and effort. So, are you excited to know how challenging the combination can be? Let's see!

How To Play The Fillominordle Game?

You will have three grid size options: 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5. The more rows and columns in the grid, the more difficult the game becomes. However, you will have more tries to figure out the correct answer when the game gets harder. In detail, you will have 5 possible guesses for the 3x3 grid, 6 guesses for the 4x4 grid, and 7 guesses for the 5x5 grid.

You must first follow the game’s rules and understand the hints. Let’s take the 3x3 grid, the most simple Fillominordle game, as an example.

As you can see from the picture, we can describe the Fillomino gameplay as the following:

  • A valid Fillomino arrangement is when you put a number in square boxes. And the value of the number in a square box must be equal to the number of boxes in a combination of boxes.
  • For instance, in the below picture, in the first row of the first grid, number 1 is put in only one square box, and then number 2 is put in two square boxes. Similarly, keep going with the number 3; it must be put in three square boxes. You can notice the same rule applied in the last row.
  • Then, keep guessing with the number 4 in the second grid. The number 4 must be contained in four square boxes, which is equivalent to its value.
  • So, what is a “combination of boxes?” The boxes must be connected together without being interrupted by other boxes of different numbers. Here, even when the numbers 5 and 4 are put in the boxes equal to their values, the boxes are separate. Therefore, it’s not a valid Fillomino puzzle.
  • Hints In The Fillominordle Game

    Three colors will be the guide for you in the Fillominordle game:

  • The green color tells you that the number is put in the correct spot in the grid, and it is also included in the Fillomino.
  • The yellow color is also for a number in the Fillomino, but you have misplaced it in the grid’s order.
  • The gray color indicates a number not related to the Fillomino.
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