A Quick Introduction Of The Flagle Game

It would be a regret for any puzzle-game fan who hasn’t played the famous word-guessing game Wordle.

The word-guessing game has paved the way for many game developers to create a puzzle game that is player-friendly, easy-to-play, compatible with every device, and fun to play. And the Flagle game is one of the great spin-offs inspired by Wordle.

In this variant, players won’t have to guess the exact solution word like in Wordle. On the other hand, Flagle players must figure out the secret flag of a random nation arranged by six blank squares. The game can be an optimal tool for people to check their geography knowledge.

How To Play The Flagle Game?

In this gameplay, six blank squares are combined to form an unknown flag of a random nation. Each square equals one guess allowed in the game, so you can make six guesses before the game ends.

Playing Flag won’t require using a keyboard like playing Wordle or other Wordle variants. You will use your computer mouse to click on one of the squares to reveal the image, a corner of the secret flag.

With each image you open, you must make your guess by pressing the nation’s name in the “Guess the Flag” section. Once you finish making your guess, a hint will appear.

Flagle Hints Explanation

After submitting your guess, the game will give you hints via figures like the directional arrows and the kilometers. The directional arrows tell you which direction the guessed country is from the solution country.

Moreover, the kilometers indicate how far the solution country is from your guess. If the kilometers go down to zero, you win the game.

How Many Times Can You Play Flagle Daily?

Honestly, you can play only one Flagle game daily. However, you can try three bonus rounds by pressing “Play bonus round”. The bonus rounds are fun questions consisting of four answers in each, and you are allowed to pick the answer three times to find the solution.

The bonus questions will give you more information about the country represented by the solution flag, like the population, the neighboring countries, and its shape on the map.

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