Flixdle - An Addictive Challenge For Movie Buffs

As a spin-off version of Wordle, this game inherits most of the features from its famous predecessor. What makes it stand out, however, is its focus on a niche market - movies to target a certain group of players. All your predictions revolve around world-famous cinema.

So will the limited pool of possibilities reduce the difficulty and be boring for the player? The quick answer is NO. Within Hollywood alone, there are hundreds of new publications each year. You must give it 110% to narrow down the scope of prediction and unlock the final answer.

How To Play Flixdle Game

The good news is that Flixdle does the same thing as Wordle, thus simplifying familiarization for newcomers. In detail, an empty grid welcomes your presence. However, the number of squares of the horizontal row varies with the keyword length. The difficulty here is that you only have a maximum of 6 turns to determine the answer.

The game also keeps the same color scheme except for the challenges of hiding from long tail keywords. Green indicates the correct spot, while yellow indicates the opposite. Notably, purple shows the letter that is not in the current word but certainly appears in one of the remaining individual terms. If the tile turns gray, feel free to remove it from the game.

You can enter your guesses from the real keyboard or click on the virtual one at the bottom. However, you must adhere to some important principles as follows:

  • Enter meaningful words
  • Complete all the phrases in one entry for the two-word answers above
  • Do not leave any blank tiles
  • FAQs

    How Many Times Per Day Can I Take On Flixdle Challenges?

    Unfortunately, all the participants can only join in the daily challenge one go per day.

    What Can I Do If I Want To Play Flixdle Unlimited?

    Flixdle offers a Practice mode for players to improve their skills. To proceed, tap the Unlimited button at the top of the screen.

    When Does The Daily Challenge Reset?

    Once you've completed the day's quest, return at midnight local time to get a new one. If you are unsure, the countdown timer gives you an accurate estimate after completing the challenge.

    How Can I Check My Performance?

    Head to Menu > Statistics to review your victories and defeats.

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