Footdle: A Heaven For Football Lovers

Michael Pulis gave birth to Footdle based on the key format from Wordle and its siblings. However, the founder has made some tweaks to reach a large community of football fans worldwide. At first glance, players work with less color but more data for the given keyword.

How To Play Footdle Game

Determine Your Favorite Mode

  • Footdle
  • This challenge picks a random player from the Top 5 Leagues on FIFA 23. According to the player's personal data, give your answer in 12 attempts.

  • Icons
  • This mode develops based on Prime Icon Moments from FIFA 22. Build a smart strategy for 12 moves based on hints (nationality, rating, and position) to create an accurate name.

  • Higher/Lower
  • You are faced with two players and a question about their football career (e.g., minutes on the pitch, number of goals, successful penalties, league games in the current season). Consider this challenge a multiple choice test and maintain the longest streak.

  • I Played With
  • This mode comes with four unrelated players. However, an unknown person was once their teammate at some point in their club career. Think about players who have changed at least 4 clubs in the last 15 years and input your guess.

  • Through The Year
  • The system provides many FIFA cards pointing to a mysterious player. Uncover his identity within 7 turns.

  • Higher/Lower FUT
  • You receive two FIFA 23 cards that hide an attribute. Your task is to guess which has the highest value.

    Grasp The General Game Rule

    Depending on your favorite modes, some use a color scheme to deliver hints. Red shows that your input was wrong, while green means the opposite. Others even add arrows to display the increase or decrease of attributes compared to the actual result.

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