What’s Framed?

The Framed game is a new approach to the old puzzle game formula, where you use image cues to guess a movie’s name. This new way to play allows you to use your image recognition capacity more while retaining the same memory improvement perk.

Framed is also quite a social game, as it records all your progress, current, and highest streaks. You can then share this stat table through all kinds of social media to brag to your friends. The game even allows you to transfer your old data to another device in case you change your phone.

If you feel that the game is too short, it has an archive of all the puzzles from previous days. You won’t run out of fun movie puzzles to solve.

Indeed, the Framed game is among the most innovative word games. Using scenes from movies allows you to stimulate your memory even more than words. It also has a properly designed difficulty, letting both hardcore cinephiles and casual movie watchers enjoy the game.

How To Play The Framed Game?

The game picks a random film from its uniquely curated list at the start of each new day. Then, it generates a list of images directly sourced from Shotdeck, one of the world’s biggest searchable film image collections. You will need to guess the movie’s name from the first image.

In total, you have six tries to arrive at the correct answer. The game will show you an additional scene from the movie in question with each incorrect guess. After you use up all six tries, the game ends and shows you the name of the film and a list of your stats, like your current streak, how many games you have played, etc.

Tips To Play Framed

The most useful tip to play this game is to sacrifice your first two guesses. Doing so gives you a significant advantage, as the first image tends to be too vague or common for many movies. Spending too much brain power on it is not a good decision; there is a high chance that doing so can even lead you astray.

Another tip is to wait until you see at least one actor’s face. No matter how enthusiastic they are, actors are usually involved in a limited number of projects. If you can identify an actor, figuring out the movie’s name becomes a lot more manageable.

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