What’s Geography?

Inspired by wordle, the Geography game is a fantastic online resource mixing entertainment with education. This game provides its players with a series of globe-based quizzes that test their knowledge of geography, specifically where the countries are located.

You can freely choose to play the game at any location you like, ranging from the rainforests of South America to the deserts of Africa. It challenges and expands your geography knowledge without getting repetitive or boring. No matter who you are, you should find the game interesting.

How To Play Geography

After accessing the game page, you will be greeted with a rotating globe and a form asking you to choose the region you want to play in and the type of gameplay you want. The traditional playstyle limits the time you get asked for each answer to once, while the random option randomizes with no limit.

After picking the continent you want to play in, the globe will rotate to that continent. Then, the game asks you to locate a country on this continent. If you choose correctly, that country will turn green. If you choose wrongly, you get a red message telling you the name of your chosen country.

After three wrong guesses, the correct country will flash to signal where it is. This ensures that you won’t lose your correctness percentage too much. After all, you must guess all the countries on a single continent.

However, if you are having too many issues figuring out a country, you can give up and click on the yellow Skip button. The game will ask you for another country instead.

You will continue this process until you have guessed all the countries in the continent. Then, the game ends and shows you how well you have done. You also have the chance to share this score with your friends through numerous channels.

Tips To Play Geography

The first piece of advice is to start with a continent that you know, like the back of your hand, or a region with fewer countries. You do not want to start with a place like Asia or Africa, as their numbers of small countries will exceed your expectations, making the game a long and hard journey.

Another good idea is to use the Advanced Options button when you start a new game. You can decide if the game will flash the territory if your guess is wrong a specific number of times. It’s also possible to tell the game how many times you can guess wrong before it tells you the hint.


There is no denying that the Geography game offers an incredible way to explore the whole world, test your understanding of geography, and discover novel or interesting places by yourself. Its user-friendly interface and diverse options also cater to numerous geographical knowledge bases.

Let’s brush up our world knowledge with the Geography game!

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