What Is Geordle?

Geordle is a puzzle game with guessing gameplay. If you have tried Wordle, you can notice that the "dle" ending of the Geordle game is similar to the ending of this world-famous game. So, Geordle is actually a variant with some interesting twists for players.

In detail, Wordle requires players to figure out a hidden English word within 6 tries. On the other hand, with Geordle, you need to figure out the name of a secret country and its capital.

The guessing gameplay is the only element both games share in common. The Geordle game is developed with different themes and in-game features. So, even when you are fed up with the monotonous Wordle puzzles, this new variant will always have something to entertain you.

How To Play The Geordle Game

The game starts with a simple layout containing a virtual keyboard and two rows of blank spots for players to fill their guesses in. You can clearly see in which section you will guess the country and its capital.

The five red dots placed above the rows represent the number of allowed guesses in the game, and the last one will be given as a reward. So, you will have six guesses in total. If a letter in your guess is not contained in the solution, one red dot will be eliminated. In contrast, if your choice is correct, no dot is removed from the game.

One thing to remember is that any letter you submit will be applied to both rows, the country and its capital. Consequently, the five guesses are for the entire game, but not separately for the country's and capital's names.

Although the number of guesses seems insufficient to figure out both secret targets, Geordle provides players with additional support. Once a letter is wrong, it will be blocked. By that, we mean you can't reuse the incorrect letter for any guess. In this case, just use your deduction to come up with the most optimal decision.

Game Modes In The Geordle Game

The Geordle game has two modes: daily and practice. You can easily switch between these modes by pressing the icon labeled with the mode's name beneath the game's logo.

In the daily mode, you can enjoy one Geordle game per day and must wait until the next day for a new game. Yet, in the practice mode, you can play unlimitedly until you try all the nations and capitals in the world. This is a great way to practice your geographic knowledge and have endless fun with your fellow friends.

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