Globe - A Journey To Find The Mysterious Country

The Internet user community is certainly delighted with the expansion of the Wordle universe into other categories, such as food, music, sports, etc.

As an option to satisfy geography buffs, Globe evolves as an exploration around the world, since players can’t keep their eyes off the screen until they reach the exact destination. Of course, it is not a coincidence but an effort based on your knowledge.

How To Play The Globe Game

Understand The Rule

You are greeted by a simple interface as soon as you enter the game. A search bar at the top is where you enter your guess. Immediately after, the system displays the exact location of the input on the 3D globe in the center.

The most important part is that the country stands out from the rest due to its striking colors. A red-based palette rates the accuracy of your guess compared to the final result. The hotter the color, the closer you are to the answer.

On the bright side, the game does not limit your turns, but you should unlock the mysterious country as quickly as possible. Additionally, do not ignore other hints shown below the globe.

The system sorts your inputs based on the distance from the border of the hidden nation and displays a specific number of measurements. Do your best to shorten the gap and narrow down your pool of possibilities.

Tips To Win Globe

Globe is an interesting option for your leisure time, but it is never an easy challenge. Some people lose their patience while finding the answer. Stay calm and use the tips below to strengthen your strategy:

  • Start with any country for each continent
  • Take advantage of Practice mode (Tap on the cog icon in the top right corner to activate)
  • Connect to your Google account to backup stats. Monitor the Statistics panel and evaluate your strategy.
  • Cheating is fine.
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