Google Feud

Google Feud Introduction

With the increasing popularity of Wordle and its spin-off games, it’s no surprise to see people craving word challenges to solve in their free time. Unlike other familiar titles, Google Feud will make you jump for joy thanks to its one-of-a-kind rules and themes.

Reading the following article carefully and practicing several times will help you understand every detail of this brilliant game. Let’s join us to have some fun!

What Is The Google Feud Game?

Google Feud is a refreshing remake game of the famous Family Feud television show. With the format of guessing different responses to a given phrase to match with predetermined answers, this game has no word limit or word choice.

You can freely use your creativity to develop the most common answers for the blank based on Google’s autocomplete suggestions. The goal is to get the highest score in three guessing chances with ten blanks to fill in, which requires you to rack your brain for suitable word options.

What To Learn For Playing Google Feud?

This game has four main categories for you to take on the challenge: culture, people, names, and questions. Choose the category you are confident to have a high score to ensure your winning chance.

You will earn points from 1,000 to 9,000 when you correctly answer a popular response to the given question. In contrast, if you fail to guess the answer three times, you will get zero points, and the game will end.

What Tips To Follow To Have An Excellent Round?

Think Outside The Box

Remember that this is an online game, and there’s no need to follow formal rules. The best advice is to imagine the most suitable answer to suit the question in certain situations.

Search For The Answer On Google

As the title suggests, it is a Google-based game, so why don’t you get some hints from Google? Typing the question on the search bar and waiting to see unexpected answers coming up for you to fill in the blank is highly recommended for a good match.


After reading the article, we hope Google Feud will give you a relaxing time after working or studying. This is a simple yet attractive game since you can use your imagination to develop whatever answer, as long as it matches the context of the question.

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