Gordle Introduction

To begin, you need to know that Girdle is a variant of the famous Wordle NYT, which is a puzzle game challenging players to spot the precise hidden word. Some people may find Wordle quite boring if it’s just about casual words. As a result, they created many Wordle-like games that included the same guessing engine but with different objects.

Some Wordle variants can get their players involved in finding answers, like a singer’s album, a soccer star’s name, or the name of a location, etc. In the Gordle game, your mission is to correctly spot the hidden name of a random Hockey professional player in the NHL. The game will be exciting for an enthusiast of the National Hockey League.

How To Play Gordle

A game starts with a blank grid consisting of six rows and a random number of columns, depending on the number of letters in the secret NHL player’s name.

You will make your guess by filling the row with a possible player’s name. Notably, each row will be equivalent to each allowed try you can use in Gordle. You must figure out the correct name before filling in all the rows.

Particularly, the Gordle game inserts a function that allows players to submit guesses having even more letters than in the solution name. You can adjust the position of the shorter or longer word in the row to match the hidden letters.

After finishing arranging a potential name, you must press Enter to submit your answer and receive hints from the game.

How To Understand Hints In The Game?

The provided clues still have the same meaning as those in the Wordle NYT game. The letter in the guessed word will come with a different color:

  • The gray color is an indication for a wrong guess. It is not included in the correct player’s name.
  • The green color shows that the letter is in the perfect position. A row full of green letters is the sign of a victory.
  • The yellow color represents letters appearing in the secret name, but you must alter their positions in the later guess.
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