A Quick Outlook Of Griddle

Although the Griddle has the “dle” ending like many Wordle variants on the Internet, the inspiration for this game is mostly from Words With Friends. Therefore, people consider Griddle a Scrabble-like game in a single-player mode.

When playing the game alone, you won’t be worried about being outplayed by a more skillful player. Besides, you don’t have to rush for a quick and precise answer.

The reason for the appearance of the “dle” ending mainly comes from technical terms. Griddle developers create the game following the simple and easy-to-maintain server of Wordle.

How To Play The Griddle Game?

You will arrange your word guess by dragging the provided letter boxes into the wanted positions. There won’t be any limit to dragging or guessing, so you can form your potential words multiple times.

You should notice the number in the top right corner when using the letter boxes. The addition of all the numbers will be the total score for your word guess.

However, the Griddle applies a more exciting score-counting engine via the special score-bonus boxes on the table. The blue boxes will raise the letter's score when you put a letter box in it.

For instance, if you put the letter “A” worth two points in the “triple letter” blue box, the total score for the letter “A” will increase to six points.

The calculation is the same when applying to the red box. The red box will multiply the total score of the whole valid word rather than the score of a letter only.

After arranging all the possible word guesses, you must press “Submit” to get your final game result.

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