About The Grootle Game

Grootle is a word-guessing game with gameplay inspired by the famous wordle. Although both titles feature a guessing engine, the difference lies in the solution word.

While in the Wordle game, players have to deal with a mysterious hidden word to win the game, the Grootle game’s players already know the answer right from the start. The solution word in Grootle will always be Groot, like the name of a famous fictional character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Some people may say that it’s no longer fun to play a puzzle game while being given the answer in advance. However, if the Grootle game is not that exciting, it can’t achieve enormous love from Wordle-like game fans.

When playing, players will focus on the keyword and spread it with other creative ideas. They can think of as many words leading to the word “GROOT” as possible. Of course, there are many possibilities that can emerge from the Grootle game.

How To Play The Grootle Game?

The Grootle game is available to play by arranging letters from the virtual keyboard on the screen. What a pity that the game doesn’t allow players to arrange words by typing on the keyboard; they must click on or tap the virtual keyboard. Don’t forget to click Enter after finishing the guessed word.

To make the game more interesting, you can challenge yourself by thinking of words gradually, leading to the word “GROOT.” For example, the first word will have the letter “G” in the first position, the second word will have the letter “R” in the second position, and keep doing it until you finish the game with the green word “GROOT.”

How To Understand The Colored Letters?

In the Grootle game, you can always win because the answer is always “GROOT.” For this reason, you can quickly understand the color’s meanings with the following interpretations:

  • Any other letters, except for the letters “G,” “R,” “O,” and “T,” will be colored gray because they don’t show up in the keyword.
  • The “G,” “R,” “O,” and “T” letters will be colored yellow if they are used in your guessed words but in different orders as they should be.
  • Lastly, all of the “G,” “R,” “O,” and “T” will be in green color when you type the word “GROOT.”
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