About Haskle

Haskle is a new, strange wordle game version. Instead of guessing words, images, or songs, it provides the obfuscated type signature and replaces each signature with the emoji. Players will be difficult to know that it is representing for the type.

There are playing rounds and new obfuscated type signatures corresponding to each round. Players must enter the name of the function matched with the type signature. If the guess is wrong, Haskle gives the feedback for the players who determine a section of the guess.

The Haskle game is a hard test of players' knowledge of Haskell prelude as well as the attached functions. Let's start!

Outstanding Features of Haskle Gameplay

The unique features in Haskle make players get the interesting experiences:

  • The game uses the emoji to replace the type elements in the function signature.
  • There are 10 attempts to give the accurate answer, rather than 6 or 8 chances in other puzzle games.
  • To help you recognize a section of the answer, Haskle provides feedback after each guess.
  • Your score will be displayed, depending on how your guessing speed is as well as how many your guesses are.
  • How to Play Haskle

    Accessing Haskle's website, you'll see a series of question marks and the emojis, which are the obfuscated type signature that you must guess.

    The 10 lines below correspond to the numbers of your guess. With the first try, you can randomly fill. It is important that you receive the feedback later. Let's rely on them to give the optimal answers in the next guesses.

    Whatever you fill in the exact or incorrect answer, the game will send the right response. If desired, you can continue playing the following rounds.

    Tips For Making Your Haskle Gameplay Feel Good

    To play a guessing game like Haskle well, you'd better:

    1. Starting guessing from the basic functions. When you familiarize with them, you can progress gradually up the more complex ones.
    2. Utilize the information that the game offers in the type signature to fill your answer.
    3. Consider the suggestions after each your guess to narrow the answer area.
    4. Play several times, which you'll gradually be familiar with the Haskell prelude and its functions.

    Haskle is an interesting puzzle game. There are a few online versions to play for both mobile apps and browsers. Experience right now!

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