The Introduction Of Heardle

Heardle is a game from Spotify whose engine is based on the famous word-guessing game Wordle. You can test your memory and knowledge with Heardle. Yet, Heardle players must find the secret song particle played in the game instead of words in the Wordle game.

The game will start with two first seconds of a random song, and Heardle offers players six guesses to pick the right name of the song. In total, you can listen to sixteen seconds of the songs after you finish all six guesses.

The reason why music lovers find Heardle worth playing is that the game will play the whole song whether you can figure out the solution song or not.

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You don’t need to type the precise name of the song because a list of names will drop down for you to pick. Heardle has a source containing millions of tracks ever published, so the types will vary from classical music to modern Pop.

How To Play Heardle Game?

Firstly, you must press the “Play” button on the screen to play the intro of the song. Usually, players can’t spot the correct song in the first second of the tune. So, you should use the “Skip” function or randomly pick a name to keep listening to the next few seconds.

When you insert a name, you must click the “Submit” button to check your answer. If your answer is wrong, a little “x” sign will appear beside the song’s name.

On the contrary, a green tick sign will show up if you choose the right name. After the last sixth guess or your correct choice, Heardle will play the whole song as a reward for you.

Heardle Variants

Honestly, no matter how ardently you love music, you can’t enjoy all the music types. Each person has his own taste in music. Therefore, Heardle comes in more specific versions that focus on the songs of a particular artist or band.

Heardle players will be eager to check how much they know about their favorite artists while enjoying all of their music products.

There are some common variants with the theme of famous singers and bands, like Blackpink Heardle, Adele Heardle, Justin Bieber Heardle, Cardi B Heardle, BTS Heardle, and so on.

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Notices Before Playing Heardle

Although the Heardle variants are mostly available in every nation, the original Heardle of Spotify blocks players from some countries. The reason may be the copyright issue.

Don’t worry. You can still enjoy the game even when you are in restricted regions. The VPN apps on smartphones and computers allow you to fake your IP address. Then, you can break the block from Spotify.

For computer users, the software or browsers extensions are:

  • Hotspot Shield
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • If you play Heardle on your smartphones, the VPN apps are:

  • VPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Best VPN Proxy betternet
  • Using these apps, software, and extensions is straightforward. You almost do nothing rather than activate the software and turn on the fake VPN function.

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