Heardle 70s

What To Know About The Heardle 70s Game?

The puzzle game is a type of game challenging players' intellect in special areas based on the game’s theme. The Heardle 70s game is a guessing game that will test your knowledge about music, but not the present music you often hear on social media nowadays. On the contrary, Heardle 70s will bring you back to the 1970s with the pieces of music produced and viral at that time.

Interestingly, looking at the game’s name, you can easily notice the “dle” ending. The “dle” ending can be considered how the developer respects the original version of the game, the word-guessing Wordle game.

Yet, while the Wordle players must guess a secret English word, the Heardle 70s players must determine the hidden 1970s song in the game by listening to a few seconds of audio of the music.

To Play The Heardle 70s Game?

At the beginning, you can hear one second of the hidden song. Believe it or not, you can’t make a correct guess within one second of the song, so just make your first guess as a trade-off.

You will type the possible song’s name in the answer box beneath the Play button. Then, press Enter to submit your answer. If the 1st answer is wrong, you will get 1 more second added to the length of the audio. For the 2nd wrong answer, you will get 2 more seconds.

Likewise, you can guess the maximum length of 16 seconds before you use up all the allowed guesses in the game. The game will end after you finish your sixth guess.

To get extra time for the audio play, you can either make a wrong guess or press the Skip button. You can press the Skip button five times and take the last chance to figure out the correct solution for the game. Skipping 5 times in a row and listening to 16 seconds of the audio is even easier than making a single guess and getting added time.

Trick For Playing The Heardle 70s Game

If you are desperate for a Heardle 70s game, you can rely on help from many free tools on the Internet. Apps like Shazam, Soundhound, or Google Assistant will help you find the song quickly just by hearing the rhythm and music for a while.

By doing this, you can easily win the game, but it is no longer exciting. Hence, only opting for this method when there’s no other way to win the game.

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