Hello Wordl

What Is The Hello Wordl Game?

According to the developer, Hello Wordl is a remake version of the reputable Wordle game. This is the reason for the “Wordl” game of the game. Naming the game “Hello Wordl” is a way for the developer to pay tribute to the amazing original Wordle version.

In this variant, players also have the mission of spotting a secret English word within 6 allowed guesses. The word must be correct in terms of meaning, spelling, and it should be in the English dictionary.

Get Started With The Hello Wordl Game

You will start the default Hello Wordl game with a table consisting of a table with six rows, and in each row, there are five square boxes. One row is equivalent to one guess the game offers you, and each square box represents a letter in the component of the word. Therefore, you will have six tries to guess a five-letter English word.

You can think of as many words as possible, but they have to meet all the game's requirements, like including 5 letters and being valid. After guessing, press Enter to submit your answer. The hints will show up whenever you finish making a guess.

Hints In The Hello Wordl Game

In this game, hints also work the same as in the original Wordle game:

  • The green color represents a perfect guess. The letter colored in green is included in the secret word, and you’ve put it in the right position.
  • The yellow color is an indication of a nearly correct guess. The yellow letter appears in the hidden word, but you must adjust its position in the later guess.
  • The gray color is for letters that are not related and contained in the secret word.
  • What’s New In The Hello Wordl Game?

    #1 Unlimited Mode

    Unlike the Wordle game that allows players to take one game daily, the Hello Wordl game offers you the chance to play unlimitedly. You can enjoy the exciting game as many times as you want.

    #2 Adjustable Number Of Letter

    If you want a bit of hardcore in the word-guessing game, you can adjust the number of letters included in the hidden word. Commonly, the solution word comprises 5 letters, but you can add more letters to the word by dragging the Letter bar above the table. The maximum number of letters you can apply to the hidden word is 11, and the minimum is 4.

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