What’s Hexle?

Hexle is a unique take on the word-guessing wordle game, allowing you to guess not words but hexadecimal numbers. It is the successor of Bytle, one of the first-ever number-guessing web-based games. This game proposes an interesting challenge to the old formula with its hint system.

It is one of the first games to conform to color-blind people. If you click on the top-right light icon, the usual gray, green, and yellow tiles will be changed to gray, orange, and blue. This simple change allows many people to finally experience this type of game in its entirety.

How To Play Hexle Game

Each day, the game will pick an unsigned, 16-bit hexadecimal number, and you need to guess it. As guessing a hexadecimal number is much more complicated than guessing a word, the game will provide some additional help. You will get a hint about the number each time you play.

For example, you can get a hint like the highest digit minus the lowest digit equals D. With this hint, you can significantly narrow down the possible answer pool. From then on, it’s simply about assigning the correct letter to the correct spot.

When you enter an incorrect number, it will turn to a gray color. It turns yellow if your number is correct but in the wrong position. If the number is both correct and in the right position, it turns green.

Tips To Play Hexle

You should make full use of the hint system. Otherwise, the chance of you figuring out the number in six tries is close to zero. You can quickly cover two numbers out of the four possible slots with the hint. From then on, the difficulty will be significantly lower and more manageable.

Another tip is to ensure that the other two numbers are within the range between the two that you have figured out using the hint. Normally, the hint for this game offers a limit to the possible range of numbers, so all you need to do is follow it.

You should prepare yourself to throw the first two tries to ensure that you can cover as much ground as possible. To do so, simply use two number combinations as different as possible. If you can cover three numbers after the first two guesses, you can change the position while looking for the fourth.

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