What Is The Horsle Game?

As mentioned above, the Horsle game is a puzzle game developed with inspiration from the million-player wordle. Both are word-guessing games, but each has a different gameplay. Detailedly, while the Wordle game involves players correctly picking the hidden word, Horsle gives players the key in advance, allowing them to freely think of possible ways leading to the answer.

Some of you may think that playing a puzzle game without knowing the solution in advance is not interesting. Yet, Horsle can change your minds, taking the excitement to a whole new level and keeping you entertained all the time.

Why Playing Horsle?

Though letting players enjoy the puzzle in an adverse way as other games do, the Horsle game can still promote logical thinking and enhance the English vocabulary of players.

When figuring out the words contributing to the final word "horse," players can revise all of their vocabulary. Furthermore, they also have to come up with an appropriate strategy to arrange the words and letters so that their answer will build up the word "horse."

Therefore, we can consider Horsle a free and interesting learning method for people who are studying and practicing their English.

How To Play The Horsle Game?

You can play the Horsle game by filling the blank grid with possible five-letter English words from the first row to the sixth row. Six rows are equivalent to six tries to make up 5 words that lead to the last word, "horse." Hence, in another saying, the final row must always be the word "horse."

Remember that submitted words must be valid English words, and they should contain at least one letter from the word "horse." There's no win or loss in the Horsle game. You can enjoy the game unlimitedly, with the primary target being to improve and practice your English.

Meaning Of The Colors In The Game

The Horsle game comes with three colors, each indicating a different meaning:

  • The gray color is for letters not included in the word "horse."
  • The yellow color represents letters contained in the word "horse," but they are wrongly placed in the guessed word.
  • The green color shows letters combining into the word "horse," which are perfectly positioned.
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