What’s IYKYK?

The IYKYK name is the shortened version of “If You Know You Know,” which is common Internet slang. The game stays true to this origin, providing a playful twist on the increasingly boring Wordle formula.

It challenges players to decipher phrases linking to popular trends, memes, and slang terms. These are now spread out across social media. As such, it’s better to say that IYKYK has tapped into the Internet’s common language.

The IYKYK game provides its players with a fun and novel Wordle-like experience. It also caters specifically to people who have plugged completely into the Internet’s culture. The game celebrates the ever-changing nature of the Internet and its language by testing your knowledge through playful challenges.

How To Play The IYKYK Game

The game starts with a series of empty boxes, each row revealing one character. These characters make up the slang term, hidden name, or trend you need to guess. It would help if you found the full word for each character from the shortened characters, making the full slang appear.

The system will analyze your input and give appropriate feedback after the second guess through color-coded clues. If your letter is in the correct position in the guess, it has a green hue. On the other hand, it has a yellow shine if it’s in the wrong location. Characters that don’t appear at all will turn gray.

You can tap on numbers 1 and 2 to view your last guesses.

Tips To Play IYKYK

The best tip for improving your IYKYK gameplay is to stay online as much as possible. After all, keeping up with internet memes and trends is the key to success in this type of game.

It would help if you immersed yourself to the best of your ability in internet forums, social media, or websites that track the evolution of online language. This kind of knowledge is invaluable for this game.

It’s also better to pay special attention to the culture tag you are given at the start of the game. Using it with a deep knowledge of memes can significantly cut down the job you need to do.

Another thing that many don’t pay attention to is the fact that IYKYK phrases tend to use unique abbreviations and spellings. Remember to consider how it might be shortened when typing the word out.

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