Just Words

Just Word: The Bingo Edition Of Word Game

Just Words is a Word game famous for its rich features. Compared to a regular word-guessing game, it requires more advanced skills and extensive vocabulary, taking the difficulty to the next level. Most experienced players consider it a true battle to hone their skills and entertain themselves simultaneously. Do you want to try it once? First, learn the game rules below!

To Play The Just Words Game

Just Words offers many playing modes to bring you never-ending fun. Upon entering the game, you'll find all the available options displayed, including playing against real opponents, playing against the computer, or going solo. Depending on your choice, the in-game experience may vary slightly.

Let’s say you opt to play with a real person; the game ends when one of you runs out of tiles, or both players skip on consecutive turns. This mode also applies a timer to each turn. If you fail to finish the game within the allowed time, your opponent can remove you from the match.

Another noteworthy point is that your component can "steal" points from you once the challenge ends. Specifically, the number of points corresponding to your remaining tiles is doubled and transferred to your rivals in addition to their accumulated points.

Meanwhile, the solo mode, with its basic gameplay, serves as a great training ground for practice. However, your mission stays unchanged - using the available letters to create meaningful words of up to 6 letters. Tap on tiles to arrange them, and when the background lights up, it is ready to reach the board.

Note that each letter carries a different score, and you can increase the value further by placing them in squares filled with colored dots. The number of dots represents how many times the points will be multiplied. The blue dots multiply the corresponding score of the character placed in that square. For example, if you put the letter "T," which is equivalent to 2 points, in a square with 2 blue dots, you get 4 points.

The red dots possess even greater power. They multiply the score of all words associated with the letter in that square. Suppose you put the word "SANK" with a total score of 6 in the square with 3 red dots; the score will skyrocket to 18. The solo mode continues until you tap the "Finish" button.

Playing with a computer is a combination of the two above. It provides a thrilling battle with AI components of three levels: easy, medium, and expert. Other than that, it functions similarly to the solo mode without time restriction. It’s best to focus on strategizing and finding the best word combinations to outsmart your virtual adversary.

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