Killer Wordle

What Is Killer Wordle?

Wordle can be regarded as one of the most successful and reputable puzzle games globally. The word-guessing game can easily attract multi-millions of players within a few months since its release. Its extraordinary success has paved the way for many game developers to create their own Wordle-like variants.

Now, let’s try something bolder with Killer Wordle! Although this version has a creepy name, it is not about thrilling or frightening content. It is the Wordle game but has some modifications in the gameplay.

The Gameplay Of The Killer Wordle Game

Killer Wordle challenges you to guess a hidden five-letter English word within 6 tries. The guessed word must be a valid English word in the international dictionary.

You will type your guess in the blank grid on the screen, then press Enter to submit your answer. Players can adjust the number of letters in the secret word by entering the Setting section and choosing the number of letters as desired. You can decide to go from the simplest mode with four letters contained in the word to the hardcore eleven-letter word.

Furthermore, you can form your own puzzle to challenge friends via the word-generating feature of the game. To create a word, you have to click the Plus sign icon in the top left corner of the screen. Next, copy and send the link to your friends.

Clues In Wordle Killer

The hints provided in the Wordle Killer game are the most obvious factor that differentiates it from the original Wordle. While in Wordle, players will have three colored hints, the Wordle Killer game gives players two colored hints:

  • The green color is applied to letters in the guessed word that also appear in the secret word. A row full of green letters means a victory to you.
  • The gray color is for letters unrelated to the hidden word.
  • So, you can see that the hint indicating a letter included in the solution word but placed wrongly in the guessed word is no longer available in the Wordle Killer game. For this reason, players will find it more difficult to spot the correct answer in this version than in Wordle.

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