Larry Birdle

What Is The Larry Birdle Game?

Coming from the game’s name with the "dle'' ending, you may notice something similar between the famous puzzle game Wordle and the Larry Birdle game. So, this is a variant getting inspired by the phenomenal word-guessing game Wordle.

While Wordle requires players to figure out a secret five-letter English word within six tries, the Larry Birdle game challenges players to guess the precise NBA player’s name in eight tries. The mission seems hopeless initially, but the game will guide you via some helpful hints.

How To Play The Larry Birdle Game?

Firstly, you must make a random guess because there won’t be any guide at the first guess. You must type the potential player’s name in the guessing box and press “Enter” to submit your answer.

The game can still be interesting for NBA enthusiasts who are not good at detailedly remembering players’ names. Once you type the first letter of the name, you will get a list of relevant names to pick.

The Hints Of The Larry Birdle Game

You will get up to seven hints after submitting a guess in the game. The guides are:

  • The team column shows you which team you guessed players are playing for in the NBA.
  • The conference column indicates the conference in which the potential players are competing.
  • The division column tells you the players’ division.
  • The position column demonstrates the major position of the players.
  • The height and age columns show you the age and height of the players.
  • The number column displays the number on the player’s jersey.
  • These above hints are useful but not enough for you to reach the correct answer within eight guesses. Besides, there are colors and arrows that make the hints more understandable.

  • The green color shows that the column is exactly with the solution player’s information.
  • The small white arrow lets you know if your guess is up or down from the precise figure.
  • The yellow color is only available in the age, height, and jersey number columns. A yellow column means the actual figure is 2 units less or more than the guessed figure.
  • If you find these clues are not enough to reach the final answer, turn to Google or ask a friend for help.

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