Letter Boxed Unlimited

What To Know About The Letter Boxed Unlimited Game?

Letter Boxed Unlimited is a word-guessing game, like the famous Wordle game, but in a more interesting way. While in Wordle, you will guess the game’s hidden word constructed from all the provided alphabetical letters, the gameplay will be modified in the Letter Boxed Unlimited game.

As you can notice from the name, the letter box in this version is a square box that contains three letters on each edge of the square. Therefore, you will have a total of twelve separate letters to form a possible guess in Letter Boxed Unlimited. Is that all? No, there are many more features to enjoy in the game!

Quick Guide To The Letter Boxed Unlimited Gameplay

The primary objective of the Letter Boxed Unlimited game is not to find a secret word but to arrange valid words consisting of all 12 letters within as many as 4 tries. Besides, a new word must start with the ending letter of the previous word. For example, if your first guess is valid with the word “LOVE,” the subsequent one must be a word starting with the letter “E,” like “EIGHT” or “EAR.”

One more rule you must follow is that a guessed word must contain at least three letters. You can reuse a letter more than once, but letters standing on one edge must be separated by letters from other edges. For example, if the letters “A, O, E” stand on one edge, you can’t form the word “LAOS” or “REEL.” On the other hand, you must put letters from another edge between these letters, such as “NAIVE” or “LAVA.”

Rules of The Game

As mentioned above, the suggested number of guesses you should make is four, but it doesn’t mean that you have only four tries to find the words. On the contrary, you can use more than four guesses to find words that include all 12 letters.

The fewer words you have to guess to use all the 12 letters, the higher your score. Commonly, the minimum number of guesses a player can make to win the game is two. Or else, you are considered to win the game as long as you use up all of the 12 letters with valid English words.

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