Introduction on Lingle

The Lingle game is a test of your vocabulary. It asks players to respond to single words and then link suggestions to find a hidden word. There are hints in gaming (letters in a mysterious word appear in your guessed one), and your task is to find as many similar terms as possible.

How to Play Lingle

You can select the number of letters in a word that you want to guess, particularly 3 letters, 4 letters, 5 letters, 6 letters, or 7 letters. No matter what your choice is, the way to play is the same:

1. When there is an exactly-positioned letter in the word, it will be green. Try to place that letter in a similar spot for all your next guesses.

2. A right letter but the wrong place will be yellow, so you need to put it in a different position on your future guesses.

3. If there aren't any letters in a word, you will see them gray. It's best to avoid mentioning them in your guesses.

4. Continue to guess words until you find the hidden word. However, in this Wordle NYT, you only have 5 chances to get an accurate answer. So, ensure that you play with a smart strategy.

5. In case you give up or cannot find the right word, you can play again tomorrow. Lingle always refreshes new words regularly.

Tips for Your Guesses When Playing Lingle

Strategy with The First Guess

Don't waste your first guess when entering an arbitrary word. You'd better prioritize the popular vowels, for example, "ouija" or "adieu". Like that, you can quickly find the hidden word.

Guess Any Word Included Many Common Letters

Although this isn't intelligent advice, you can try to see if it is effective. Let's apply the common letters in your guessing word a second or third time when you don't have plenty of ideas in mind.

The Same Letters in A Word

You might have trouble playing Wordle because it sometimes has double letters. So, if you see a green or yellow letter, you should try it out with your next guesses, especially when you don't have any idea of the final result.

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