Literalnie Introduction

Not everyone has a smooth learning curve when it comes to a new language. Compared to fluent speaking and listening, it is difficult to expand vocabulary for reading and writing.

On the bright side, the Internet now serves useful tools such as Wordle and its spin-offs for English. If you crave a reliable companion for Polish study, try Literalnie.

Literalnie- The Polish Version Of Wordle

Like other titles in the Wordle universe, Literalnie is a word-guessing game that has made a flash on the Internet. However, it is aimed at a niche market: people who learn Polish as their mother tongue and foreign learners.

The game inherits all major rules and settings as its siblings. If you have never tried similar versions before, scroll down to learn.

How To Play Literalnie Game

Three Useful Modes

Besides the basic mode, the game implements three other options to serve special users as below:

Dark mode: the system changes the theme to reduce high-energy visibility. Color blind mode: the color scheme adjusts to support people who suffer from color discrimination problems. Expert mode: the system highlights some letters that must appear in the upcoming attempts.

Exciting Rules And Gameplay

Due to the familiar interface and rules, it's not difficult to get used to Literalnie. Once you log in to the main screen, the system displays an empty grid of 6 horizontal and 5 vertical rows. This setup implies two important things in the game: 6 turns and a mysterious 5-letter keyword.

There are no hints given at the beginning, but players must work to collect them as much as possible. Feel free to use the virtual keyboard to enter your guesses. After each input, the color coding system delivers the accuracy of your turns.

Green shows that you have hit the target and pay attention to other squares better. It is recommended to change the spot of the yellow letter to get closer to victory. Remove the character from the possibilities and start with a new option if the tile turns gray.

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Why Should You Try The Literalnie Game?

Build Your Foreign Vocabulary

Foreign learners certainly find word-guessing games useful as it expands their knowledge. No matter how rich your vocabulary is, you can always come across new words. Language has no limit! An interesting format that makes reception and memorization happen faster and more efficiently

Encourage Brainstorm

Hints activate your brain in a positive way. This game requires players to reason and analyze to win in an insufficient number of turns. As a result, your logical thinking and flexibility work and develop. The enhancement is not immediate but cumulative over time.

Enhance Focus

Though the rules sound simple, most players agree that each turn leaves a lot of new information and changes. Hence, they must concentrate on the hints to make accurate predictions. This is the best way to kick out your distractions. Rest when at a dead end but come back with intense desire and focus.


Despite only one play per day, Literalnie makes for a challenging and fun experience to improve your Polish. Its one plus point is Expert Mode to suit advanced learners. Don't feel discouraged if you meet failure. Take note of the new word and save it in your memory.

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