An Overview Of LoLdle

You may know the “LoL” part in the game’s name is something related to the League of Legends game. But what about the “dle” ending? Well, that is a way that the LoLdle creators pay tribute to Wordle, which is a million-player word-guessing game.

LoLdle can be regarded as a cross between the two extremely fascinating titles. Both feature the guessing gameplay, but the guessing object is altered to bring an awesome experience for players. Unlike the Wordle game, which requires players to guess a secret 5-letter English word, the LoLdle game challenges players with a hidden League of Legends champion in a game.

Besides the separate guessing object, LoLdle also applies some in-game functions that make the game more exciting for players.

Playing Of The LoLdle Game

You will set your first step in the LoLdle game just by making a free guess of a random LoL champion in the “Guess” box and pressing Enter to submit your guess. Then, you will follow a set of information about the secret champion to get more clues about him/her.

Particularly, LoLdle doesn’t limit your guessing times to 6 tries like in the Wordle game. On the contrary, you will have unlimited tries to reach the correct answer.

Hints In The LoLdle Game

The game won’t let you go alone on the path to winning because you can rely on the hidden champion’s features, given by the game, to improve the chance of winning.

  • The Gender column, of course, is about the champion’s gender.
  • The Position column shows the primary position of the champion in a match.
  • The Species column indicates the hidden champion is a human, magic-born, spiritualist, and so on.
  • The Resource column mentions the special resource of the hidden champion.
  • The Range Type column represents the way the secret champion executes his/her attacks against other rivals in the game.
  • The Region column hints at the original location of the hidden champion.
  • The Release Year column shows the time the hidden champion is released to gamers and is available to battle in the game.
  • Apart from these above sources of information, the LoLdle game provides users with colored hints applied for each feature of the guessed champion:

  • The green color is applied for features that are completely true to the hidden champion.
  • The orange color is a sign of a nearly precise answer. The information in the orange section can be partly precise to the hidden champion.
  • The red color signals a bad answer.
  • If you find the game’s difficulty exceeding your knowledge about the LoL champions, you can ask for help from the Quote clue, Ability clue, and Splash clue section placed beneath the game’s logo.

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