Lordle Of The Rings

What Is The Lordle Of The Rings?

The reputation of the fictional novel and film series Lord of the Rings is unquestionable. The franchise has made billions of dollars with the affection of huge fans globally and has created a community sharing the Lord of the Rings’ interest as a culture.

Coming with the incredible success of the series, many products have been made to please LOTR fans. Here, we have the Lordle of the Rings game, which is a puzzle game running on the LOTR theme.

This title is a combination of the fictional series with one of the most successful puzzle games named Wordle. So, you can see the "dle" part as a way to remind players of the original Wordle game.

How To Play The Lordle Of The Rings Game?

The game's layout is almost similar to that of the Wordle game. Yet, the word source is the factor differentiating the two puzzle games.

In both versions, players will have to correctly guess a five-letter English word hidden in the game. While Wordle challenges players with ordinary English words, the Lordle of the Rings contains a word source with the theme from the fictional world of the Lord of the Rings series.

The hidden word in the Lordle of the Rings game can be a magical or mythical term in the series, a character's name, or an imaginary place in the magic world.

To make your guess in the game, you can type the potential word in the blank grid on the screen. Players only have six chances to spot the correct word in the daily game.

The game ends when you manage to solve the puzzle or use all the six allowed guesses. Notably, the word must be a valid English word and should be related to the Lord of the Rings world.

After finishing your guess, press Enter to submit your guessed word and receive the hints from the game.

What Are Hints In The Lordle Of The Rings Game?

The game will offer players hints after getting the guessed word. Clues in the Lordle of the Rings game feature separate outlooks and imply different meanings:

  • The gray color is applied to letters not related to the secret word. So, avoid reusing the green letters in your next guess.
  • The green color is a sign of a completely correct guess.
  • The yellow indicates that a letter is included in the secret word, but its position in the guessed word doesn't match the precise one in the hidden word.
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