Math Push

What Is Math Push?

When mentioning a puzzle game, people often think of Wordle, Crossword, or Hangman. It’s not common to find a mathematical game on the Internet, especially one that is both interesting and educational. Yet, Math Push - a mathematical puzzle game - serves the best of both worlds.

It is as simple as it is engaging. With its animated graphics and straightforward gameplay, the game is easy to pick up and play. You'll use an arrow to move numbers and mathematical signs, forming valid equations. And don't worry, the calculations in Math Push are simple, even for children, as they only involve one-digit numbers.

While Math Push is easy to learn, it's not without challenges. The real test comes when you have to figure out the combinations leading to the correct calculation.

With the number of numbers and signs being less than the number of results, you'll need to come up with strategic movements to solve the puzzle. It's a game that's sure to keep puzzle game enthusiasts on their toes.

How To Play The Math Push Game?

The Math Push game requires players to use the keyboard to arrange equations. The primary buttons to move the numbers and signs to the desired positions are W, S, A, D, or the arrow buttons. To start a Math Push round, you can press the Enter or Space button.

If you want to replace a movement with another one, you can press button Z or U. Press R when you want to reset the whole game without partly redoing it. Going back to the previous page can be carried out by pressing Esc or B.

Whenever you create a valid equation equivalent to the result number, the result will disappear. If there’s no result left, you will have a clear path to the purple square. Move the arrow into the purple square to advance to the next round.

A Math Push game has 30 rounds; you can pick any unlocked round on the Menu screen. If a round is still locked, it will be colored in gray.

Who Can Play The Math Push Game?

The Math Push game can be a wonderful sidekick for any child who has started to learn Math and is still afraid of the subject. With the friendly graphics and easy challenge, the children can soon overcome the complicated mathematical questions and find math more interesting.

For adults, Math Push is still a great puzzle game that allows them to relax in their pastimes. You can enjoy your pleasurable gameplay without a headache about solving complicated calculations.

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