If you never expect to learn anything from online games, you will want to think again after playing Mathle. Once you try one round, you will understand why it is popular and worth your try.

The following article will guide you in playing the game logically and smartly to reach the goal without difficulty. Let’s get started!

What Is Mathle?

Mathle is an exciting math-solving online game that requires you to engage your arithmetic intelligence in each round to guess the correct equation successfully. Those into figures will love this alternative version of Wordle since it is about numbers, not word letters like the original title.

Your task is solving an exact equation using two operations, “+” and “-” in five attempts. The form of the equation can be addition or subtraction, which follows the rule of “a+b=c” or “a-b=c.”

How To Play The Mathle Game?

Eight boxes are divided by the “=” sign, with five on the left and three on the right for you to fill in suitable numbers. After each guess, you will see color-changing boxes, and they will hint you at the right equation of the day.

The green color appears when you enter the correct number at the right position. Meanwhile, the box will turn yellow when the right number is placed at the wrong spot. When you see the gray color, you will know you have wasted a guessing chance on a wrong number.

What Factors Are Important For An Effective Round?

Have A Smart Starting Move

Unlike other games related to letters, Mathle will give you a hard time figuring out a logical equation with the strict format of numbers. That’s why it would be best to follow the instructions and go for the first move to discover other solutions.

You can approach the game by using as many numbers as possible for seven empty boxes at the beginning. It will give you a rough idea of potential numbers for the equation, making it easier for you to narrow down your choice.

Selecting other numbers and switching positions based on the color change is highly recommended for your next try. Sometimes, you can submit a repeated number if you think the number is in the equation.

Get Advice From Other People

Whenever you are stuck with a difficult decision, asking for help from your family members or friends would be helpful. It is understandable to run out of ideas for the answer, so don’t hesitate to turn to your beloved people for possible solutions.


After reading the article, we hope Mathle will become your next favorite game in your free time. If you are interested in math and numbers, you will find it attractive to rack your brain for the most logical answer.

We believe that playing this game will not waste your time. It is a great opportunity to test both logical-thinking and mathematical skills in one game title, allowing you to enjoy it to the fullest.

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