Overview Of Mazele

If there is a puzzle game that troubles players due to its challenging gameplay, it must be Mazele. The game is a variant of the famous word-guessing game wordle. However, the difference between the variant and the original Wordle is the hidden target that players must figure out.

You can easily notice the clue implied in both the games’ names. The Wordle will require players to spot the exact secret English word within six tries. Meanwhile, the Mazele game challenges players to come up with possible paths to get out of a concealed maze.

In this new version, there are many hints for you to rely on and find the correct answers. Yet, they are sometimes quite ambiguous for beginners to understand. So, let’s focus on the playing tutorial below.

How To Play The Mazele Game?

The game is designed with a 6x6 grid surrounded by squares containing numbers. We will discuss the meaning of numbers later. First, you can start the game by simply drawing a path from the left to the right of the grid. After you finish the draw, press Submit to submit your guess and get the game's hints.

The squares containing numbers placed in the horizontal line will give clues about the chosen square on the Column. On the other hand, the squares containing numbers placed in the vertical line will tell you about the wrong or exact chosen square on the Row.

As you can see from the image, three squares of the Column have the number “1” colored in green, which means that the three chosen squares on the Column are perfectly correct. You must leave them there.

Similarly, two squares of the Row are colored green with the number “0” contained in each one. By that, the game tells you that no paths will go through the two last rows.

Moreover, one square of the Column has the number “1” in it and is colored in orange. This indicates that the path won’t go through the 4th Row. Therefore, let’s try another sample.

From the image, you can see that you are getting closer to the correct answer. All the green squares show that you are on an excellent path to the final answer.

Yet, some squares in the 2nd Row, 3rd Row, 4th Column, and 5th Column are still misplaced. So, keep trying; you are so close. You will just need to modify the position of squares in these rows and columns, following the below options.

Here you go! The solution can be achieved with a slight modification in the squares’ orders. Remember that you only have six allowed tries in the game to figure out the correct solution.

Rules In The Mazele Game

  • The path must always go from left to right.
  • The path can go in any direction, of course, still from left to right, but the square on another row can’t go back to the previous row while touching another square already on the row again.
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