About The Metrodle Game

If you are a big fan of guessing games, you can realize the Metrodle game has something related to the famous Wordle game at first glance. That’s right. It is a puzzle game that is inspired by the world-famous Wordle game.

Besides the “dle” ending as a sign to pay tribute to the worldwide phenomenon, this variant also runs on the guessing engine of the original version.

Nevertheless, Metrodle has a distinct guessing object - the metro system rather than an English word. Wordle players must find a hidden word to win the game, but Metrodle players must spot the precise random metro destination in London, England, via a small station map.

How To Play The Metrodle Game?

Firstly, the Metrodle game will offer you a small image of a map depicting the spot of the hidden metro stop. You literally have nothing to rely on to make your first guess. Therefore, just take the first one as a free try to get further hints.

You can submit your guess by typing the name of the possible metro stop and then pressing Enter. There are hundreds of metro stops in London, which make remembering all of their names nearly impossible.

For this reason, the game will give you a list of related names once you type any letter in the guessed metro name. You can choose a name from the drop-down list to confirm your selection.

You will be granted 6 tries before ending the game. You can only win the game by spotting the exact metro station before using up all the guesses.

Does The Metrodle Game Give Hints?

Of course, Yes. If a guessing game doesn’t offer players hints, it will be much more like a game of luck. In the Metrodle game, besides the small corner of the map given in advance, you will have two other hints: the directional arrows and the number of stops near the correct destination.

After you submit a guess, the number of stops from the guessed destination to the hidden spot will be shown. Furthermore, you will have directional arrows to determine on which side of the guessed metro stop the secret stop is located.

Now, it’s time to get immersed in the complex tapestry of London’s metro system!

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