About The Minecraftle Game

Minecraftle, as its name suggests, is a combination of two famous titles - Minecraft and Wordle. While including the items and theme of Minecraft, this version runs on the guessing engine of the Wordle game. Since it has the features of both the top games in the world, Minecraftle is truly a game worth trying for anyone who wants to unlock their creativity.

In Minecraftle, instead of guessing words like in Wordle, you will guess formulas leading to the invention of a secret item in the Minecraft game. You will have 10 times to make your guess, and you will achieve a victory when finding out the secret item before running out of allowed tries.

How To Play The Minecraftle Game?

Playing Minecraftle only requires your interaction with the computer mouse or dragging and dropping items on a touch-screen device. Initially, you will be provided with a 3x3 grid to fill in crafting ingredients to create a secret item. Besides, there is a 6x3 grid containing crafting ingredients that you will use to construct the secret item.

You will make your guess by dragging the ingredients from their places to the 3x3 grid and dropping them there. Only the valid combination approved by Minecraft’s in-game formulas will result in a random item, which may or may not be the secret item.

Each completed item from the combined ingredient will be counted as a guess, and you have ten guesses in the Minecraftle game. You can submit your guess by tapping or clicking the final product on the right side of the arrow icon.

Hints In The Minecraftle Game

Honestly, the Minecraftle game is a challenge for any player, even professional Minecraft gamers. The hints will be displayed in the 3x3 grid, just the way they are in the Wordle game:

  • If an ingredient is colored green, it means that it is put in the perfect position for the formation of the secret item.
  • If an ingredient is colored orange, it is also contained in the formula of the secret item, but not in that place. You need to change its position in the next attempt.
  • If there’s no color change in the ingredient’s spot, you should avoid using it in the later guess.
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