What Is The Mislettered Game?

Mislettered is a word-guessing game requiring players to spot the precise hidden words or hidden phrases. Unlike other variants, like the wordle game, Mislettered players don’t have to pick the whole word, but they will guess each letter contained in the words or phrases.

For example, you don’t have to figure out the whole word like “POWER;” on the contrary, you will pick a single letter, like “P,” “O,” or “R.” Besides, only the letters contained in the correct word are maintained. Then, from the precise answer, you can deduce the correct secret word or phrase.

Rule Of The Mislettered Game

If a typical word-guessing game challenges players with one word only, the Mistlettered game will make players overwhelmed with many words or even a long sentence. However, it is not impossible to solve.

Players can make 6 mistakes while picking the letters in the Mislettered game, whereas their tries won’t be eliminated if they make a correct choice.

For example, if you pick the letter “T,” and the letter is included in the secret words or phrases, all of the 6 tries will remain intact for you. Yet, if the letter “T” is not in the solution, one attempt will be diminished from your budget.

You will lose the game when using up all six tries, also known as making 6 wrong tries in the game, before solving the puzzle.

The Playing Tutorial

You can make your guess in the game by using the computer mouse or the keyboard. To pick a letter, you can press or click it, then press Enter to submit your answer.

If the letter appears in the words or phrases, a small “v” icon will show up in the Guess Log box, and the letter is filled in the blank square boxes. In contrast, if you make a wrong choice, the Guess Log will have a small “x” icon, and one attempt will be taken out.

The Hint In The Mislettered Game

Mislettered won’t provide players with colored hints, as you can see in other word-guessing versions. Instead, it will give you the game’s theme in advance. Typically, the theme will be placed beneath the game’s name. It can be words or phrases related to a movie, cartoon, anime, game, or anything.

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