MLB Pickle

What Is The MLB Pickle Game?

Puzzle games have always come out on top of the most interesting game list. Due to the exciting and simple gameplay, this genre can easily win the hearts of any game lover. While English words, geographical locations, songs, etc., are usually the topic of these games, have you ever tried one with an MLB theme?

Here, we would like to present you with MLB Pickle, in which your mission is to find out the hidden name of a random MLB professional player. It is appropriate for baseball enthusiasts to test how thoroughly they are into the sport.

How To Play The MLB Pickle Game?

You will start the game without any hint given in advance, so let’s take the first guess as a trade-off to get more clues. To play the game, you will type the name of any MLB player in the guessing box. Then, press Enter to confirm your choice.

You will have 9 tries to pick the correct name of the secret player. Particularly, there’s no need to remember the entire name because you can choose from the drop-down list with relevant letters. Once you choose a player’s name, the game will give you related figures about the player as hints.

Understanding Of The MLB Pickle Hints

The MLB Pickle game has two types of hints: the statistics about the player and the colored clues.

Firstly, you must understand all the columns of relevant information about the player:

  • Team: The team column tells you which team the player is playing for.
  • LG/DIV: This column displays the league and division in which the player competes.
  • B: B stands for batting, which indicates the hand dominance of the player when batting. So, you can see the L (left) and R (right) letters when guessing.
  • T: T stands for the player’s hand dominance when throwing. Similarly, there are only two cases for this column, left or right.
  • Born: The mother country of the player.
  • Age: Of course, the column shows how old the player is.
  • POS: The specific position of the player in the team.
  • Apart from the seven given statistics, you will have other colored clues in some specific figures:

  • The green color is a sign of a perfect guess.
  • The yellow color in the LG/DIV column notes that the hidden player competes in the displayed League or Division.
  • The yellow color in the Age column shows that the player's actual age is two years more or less than your guess.
  • The yellow color in the POS column indicates a position in which the secret player sometimes takes the role.
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