A Brief Introduction To The Moledle Game

The Moledle game is a word-guessing game that resembles the gameplay and graphics from the famous wordle game. Both require players to form the exact secret word from the given alphabetical letters. However, in Moledle, the developers have applied a more exciting feature.

In the Wordle game, while guessing the words, players will have colored hints to take them closer to the correct answer. Although the Moledle also offers players colored hints, the hints will distract players from reaching the precise answer.

According to the modified gameplay, Molede can be regarded as a more complicated version of Wordle. Besides thinking of a possible answer, players will have to deal with the distracting colored letters. Sometimes, the decisive factor for your victory will be your luck.

How To Play The Moledle Game?

Playing the Moledle game is nothing different from the Wordle game. You will start with a 5x6 grid containing 6 rows and 5 columns. In each row, there will be 5 square boxes for you to fill letters in as long as the letters will turn into a valid English word.

You will have six tries to spot the correct English word of the day. And you only have one game daily until it is reset with a new one the next day.

To submit your guess, you must press “Enter”. After submitting the guess, the square boxes will be colored with three separate colors.

Meaning Of The Colors In The Moledle Game

The colors in the Moledle game will be quite mind-blowing for new players. Briefly, it is not what it is supposed to be:

  • The green color signals a perfect choice, meaning the letter is included in the secret word, and you’ve put it correctly. However, if the green tile is the mole delivered by the game system, the color may change in the subsequent guess.
  • The yellow color indicates a letter is contained in the word, but you have misplaced it. But if it is in the mole, it will change its color.
  • The gray color is a sign of an unrelated letter. A gray letter is not a precise guess. Yet, if it is in the mole, the case goes the same as with the two above letters.
  • The only way for you to determine which letters are in the mole is to notice its color alternation in the two consecutive guesses. If the color doesn’t remain stable, it must be the mole.

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