Movie Grid

Introduction To Movie Grid

When mentioning a puzzle game, almost everyone will think of the logical-thinking number or word games. Yet, Movie Grid will change your mind.

Despite being a puzzle game with a guessing engine, it has fascinating gameplay thanks to the theme it features. Instead of the boring numbers and letters, the game challenges players to spot the exact hidden movies and TV series in the game within a specific amount of allowed guesses.

For this reason, you must have a considerable interest in and knowledge of the movie industry to easily solve all the puzzles in the game.

The Movie Grid Gameplay Tutorial

The Movie Grid game starts with a 3x3 grid. At the beginning of each row and column, you will notice a piece of information related to the hidden movies or TV series in the game. The hints can be the actor or actress’s name, the movie genre, the period of time the series is being shown, etc.

Your mission is to find a correct movie that satisfies both the information positioned above the columns and beside the rows. For instance, in the below picture, in the first blank spot of the first row, you must find a movie in which both Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis are the main cast.

Remember that you only have 9 allowed guesses in the game to find the possible names of movies or TV series. Consequently, you can’t use more than one guess for a blank spot. Your answer must be utterly correct, or else it will be a waste of effort.

Movie Grid is also suitable for non-English speaking players. You can only type some letters in the secret movies or series names, and the game will give you related answers.

After choosing the possible titles, you must press or tap “guess” to submit your answer. Only the guess resulting in a movie or TV series’s poster will be counted as a correct answer.

Are There Any In-Game Hints In The Movie Grid Game?

Movie Grid offers players some clues. You can click or tap the actor or actress’s name to display a photo of their faces. Therefore, you don’t have to google their names to spot what they look like.

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