What To Know About The Murdle Game?

Murdle is a word-guessing game that challenges players to find the secret word from the provided alphabetical letters. The unique point that makes the game different from other puzzle games is that it is a combination of two famous games, wordle and Hangman.

In the Murdle game, players will have a retro graphic of the legendary Hangman game, with a person gradually getting to the hangman conviction after each wrong word you make.

However, the gameplay is modified with more exciting features from the million-player word-guessing game Wordle. Let’s find out more down here.

How To Play The Murdle Game?

It’s easy to get used to playing the Murdle game. You can play it by arranging words with your physical keyboard or via the virtual keyboard on the screen.

The guessing time is counted separately from other Wordle variants. You won’t have a fixed number of tries in the game. On the other hand, the number of guesses offered to you will depend on the number of letters you misplace in the word. There are ten heart-shaped icons in the game, and if all of them are deleted before you find the hidden word, you will lose the game.

Each heart-shaped icon will represent a letter you mistake. For instance, if you form the word “STAND” with the wrong letters “S,” “T,” or “D,” 3 guesses will be reduced along with three heart-shaped icons. Yet, if only the word “S” is wrong, you will still have 9 guesses left.

What Guide Is Included In The Murdle Game?

The Murdle game provides players with colored hints, as seen in many Wordle variants. Below is a breakdown of their implications:

  • The green color tells you that the letter included in the guessed word also appears in the correct word. Besides, you have managed to put it in the exact place.
  • The yellow color indicates that the letter you have picked also shows up in the hidden word, but you need to alter its position in the following guess.
  • If the guessed letter gets faint, it means that the letter is not included in the correct secret word.
  • Now, it’s time to enjoy the terrifying yet exciting gameplay!

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