What Is Nerdle Game?

When you see a puzzle game with the ending “dle”, you may think of the famous word-guessing game called Wordle. Yes, Nerdle is also a game that takes inspiration from the Wordle game.

Yet, instead of guessing a secret word from letters, Nerdle players must find the solution equation from the given numbers and signs. Don’t mind the game’s name. It’s just sarcasm because people often consider hard Math learners nerds. Honestly, the only shame is when you stop obtaining new knowledge for yourself.

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How To Play Nerdle?

You can enjoy Nerdle online and offline. If you use an Internet-connected computer, you can play the game just by searching for it on browsers. On the other hand, you can download Nerdle into your smart devices like smartphones or tablets when the Internet is out.

Nerdle offers you six tries to figure out a secret calculation. The default game mode is a grid of six rows and eight columns. And you must fill all eight square boxes in a row with numbers and digits.

Only the correct equation is valid in Nerdle. Therefore, you can’t submit an answer with a wrong calculation or against the mathematical rules.

You can create an equation by using the physical keyboard or the virtual keyboard on the screen. Once you finish arranging the numbers and digits, press “Enter” to submit your answer. Nerdle gives you guides through the color of the square boxes:

  • The black color indicates that the number or digit is not included in the solution calculation.
  • The purple color signifies a correct digit or number in the calculation, but you must alter its position.
  • The green box means you have made a perfect selection for your equation.
  • Nerdle Game Modes

    #1 Classic Mode

    The classic mode is the original version of Nerdle, which you can play following the rules above.

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    #2 The Mini And Micro Mode

    The mini and micro Nerdle can be suitable modes for beginners. Players must find a secret calculation arranged from six digits in the mini mode or five in the micro mode. The challenge is much easier than the standard eight square boxes.

    #3 Bi Nerdle

    Bi Nerdle is a mode in which players must simultaneously solve two secret calculations. As a result, the green digit in one equation may be a black one in the other equation.

    #4 Beat The Clock

    Nerdle will give you a random equation with colored boxes in advance when you are in the “Beat the clock” mode. The faster you solve the puzzle, the higher score you get.

    During the game, if you make a wrong choice from the fourth row on, a specific amount of time will be added to the clock as a penalty for you.

    #5 Instant

    Nerdle’s instant mode also offers you a random calculation in advance. Yet, you have only one guess to find the secret equation. This mode requires both your logical-thinking mind and a bit of luck.

    Since you can arrange an equation once, the feeling of victory will be more glorious than the six-guess mode.

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