What Is Dordle?

Dordle game is a word-guessing game that has been inspired by the renowned Wordle. Both games require players to find out secret five-word letters to achieve victory.

The difference is that while the Wordle game challenges players with one secret word, Dordle demands players to solve two words simultaneously to win.

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What’s more, Dordle offers seven guesses instead of six guesses like Wordle. This generosity is understandable because the mission in Dordle is tougher.

Apart from the two differences above, Dordle resembles Wordle almost in every aspect, like the gameplay, rules, and color indications.

How To Play Dordle Game?

Dordle is available on browsers of many devices’ platforms as long as you have an Internet connection. The two common websites for you to enjoy Dordle are Dordle Game and Wordle NYT.

You can guess the secret words by using your physical keyboard or tapping on the virtual keyboard on the screen. Then, press “Enter” to submit your guess. Dordle gives hints to players via the color indications:

  • The gray color shows that the letter isn’t in the solution word.
  • The yellow indicates that you picked the precise letter but placed it wrongly.
  • The green color implies that you have made a perfect guess. The letter is in the right position.
  • Dordle Game Modes

    Dordle game guide


    #1 Daily Dordle

    The daily mode allows players to enjoy a game once every day. You must wait until the next day for other secret words, whether you finish today's puzzle or not. Daily mode is the favorite battlefield for many word-guessing game pros because it is an actual challenge for them.

    #2 Free Dordle

    Unlike the daily mode, the free mode offers players unlimited play rounds to enjoy in their pastimes. You can take advantage of this feature as a practice to boost your performance in the daily mode.

    Tricks For Dordle

    #1 Always Start With A Vowel

    According to various scientific statistics, almost every English word contains at least one vowel. Even when you don’t achieve a green letter with a vowel, you can still have a yellow one.

    #2 Focus On The Word Having More Green Letters

    Although the mission is to pick two right words simultaneously, it doesn’t mean you must guess both words simultaneously. On the contrary, you should concentrate more on the word with more green letters.

    Once you finish it, move on to the second word. While arranging letters for a word, you can eliminate some gray letters or attain some yellow letters for the other word.

    #3 Avoid Re-Use The Gray Letters

    Some players can pick a green letter, and they keep arranging a word, including the letter, even when other gray words continue appearing.

    For instance, the word “Power” contains the green “E”, but the “R” is gray. Yet, players may choose the word “Never” while already knowing that “R is a gray one. This is a waste of chance.

    #4 Use Word-Solving Tools

    Before we rely on word-solving tools, we must declare that it’s cheating. However, if you starve for ideas, you can try the tool. There are thousands of word-solving tools you can opt for on the Internet.

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