Ooodle Introduction

The concept of one of the new games, Ooodle, is similar to Wordle's concept. Yet, let’s we introduce you to the origin of it first.

You may have heard of wordle nyt, an everyday five-letter word puzzle game that has become incredibly popular. For several months now, it has been a hot topic of discussion and a popular entertainment game all over the world.

Teachers have discovered innovative ways to use Wordle games and their complementary educational activities to teach by taking advantage of this popularity among users of all ages. Therefore, we will look at how to play and apply it in the classroom in this post of ours.

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What Is The Ooodle Game?

The popular word game Wordle has a new mathematical world called Ooodle. Players are given a daily 5-digit equation to solve, not a 5-letter word to guess every day.

The solution to the equation is given and the players verify their answer after each attempt (up to 6). The numbers 1-9 (or 1–12) are used only once.

For example, the solution to the Ooodle puzzle is 120. Therefore, students will need to complete other parts of the equation to lead to an answer of 120.

Similar to Wordle, numbers that are part of the equation but are not in the correct place are shown in yellow and the correct numbers in the correct place are shown in green, and grayed-out numbers are not included in the calculation.

How To Play

Students who can use Ooodle through a browser can easily find it by doing a Google search.

In particular, choose numbers 1-9 or numbers 1-12 to access the Ooodle homepage when using a computer or mobile device. Using nine digits is simpler for younger learners, but using numbers 1 through 12 can be more difficult for older children.

When starting a new puzzle, you can see the solution of the equation, which is your starting point. From there, construct an equation that leads you to the correct solution.

As you have the option to enable the Ooodle timer on the website, this makes the Ooodle puzzle more challenging and creates a timed experience. Theoretically, you would have all day to answer each issue if you didn't set a timer as Wordle does.

If you want to feel more comfortable before trying to solve everyday problems, there are also practice Ooodles. Use them wherever you complete or fail to complete the daily quiz.

It would be best to memorize the acronym PEMDAS, which stands for parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction, which denotes the correct order to solve the constituent parts of an equation.

This method of remembering the order of operations is very important when learning with Ooodle, as any given puzzle can contain combinations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and even division. Therefore, PEMDAS specifies the proper order of operations when there are several elements in an equation that you must follow to find the answer.


Finally, Wordle offers a math-based option for users who prefer numbers to letters. We are aware that it can be challenging to choose the math game that would be the most enjoyable for you out of all the options. You won't be let down if you give Oddle a try, though.

Enjoy your time!

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