What’s Optimle?

Any Wordle enthusiast looking to up the ante with difficulty or a new approach to gameplay should love Optimle. This game takes the core gameplay that we all love and injects it with an incredible dose of strategic challenge.

In the wordle game, you guess a word in 5 tries, using the hints to cut down possibilities. In this game, you immediately get the hints with a pre-populated table. However, you must figure out the secret word using only 2 guesses.

Optimle is truly a race against the clock. You must win in a battle of wits against a system designed to keep you guessing.

How To Play Optimle Game

You still see the same color scheme of green (correct letters), yellow (misplaced letters), and gray (wrong letters) for the hints of playing Optimle, like in the classic Wordle game. However, there are some huge twists in the way you play.

Before you can start guessing, you get a table filled with potential outcomes for all possible words in the database. With this knowledge, you now have two chances to discover the day's secret word.

With each guess, the algorithm eliminates all possible solutions, recalculating the table in the process. This constantly narrows down your options significantly.

Tips To Play Optimle

This game is Optimle, not Wordle, so you should always prioritize any information you can get. That is why the first choice you input should never be purely about guessing but gathering as much data as possible. Aim to input words that have many unique consonants and vowels.

Another great tip is to visualize beforehand how the table may change with respect to the first guess you input. This approach lets you pick out a second guess that opens up numerous paths to victory.

The last tip is to never give up if you can’t win immediately. This game is designed for you to fail and try again. After all, learning how the algorithm works is also part of the fun.


The best way to describe Optimle is that it’s perfect for leveling up your word-guessing skills. It transforms the casual word puzzle we are all familiar with into a fun and thrilling challenge. You must plan and think strategically, leading to a good mental workout.

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