About Ordlek

The Ordlek game is engaging when providing players with entertainment and learning. Instead of English like Wordle, this is a place to practice Swedish.

There are six chances for players to guess the keyword in a day. If you give a wrong answer, you must wait more than 8 hours to be able to play again.

With the Swedish language and ease in gameplay mechanics, Ordlek promises to bring a relaxing and challenging gaming for puzzle word lovers.

Outstanding Features Of Ordlek Game

Once accessing the Ordlek game, players can discover optimal features:

  • There is always a daily new must-guessing word, creating newness for players.
  • Players must guess and arrange 5 different letters into a meaningful word in 6 tries.
  • The colored-letter feedback offers players an intuitive view.
  • The unique Worlde version allows players to guess in Swedish.
  • Players might share their wins on a variety of social media platforms.
  • How To Play Ordlek

    Like other puzzle games, but in Swedish, Ordlek is not too different in how to play it. You must still access the game’s site to start.

    The first word you can comfortably fill as long as it is grammatically and has 5 characters. Now, you’ll receive the clues:

  • The green letters: They are correct in the position of the hidden word.
  • The orange letters mean you should reuse them in the next guessing time since they are wrong in order.
  • The gray letters: You entirely ignore them because they are not in the keyword.
  • Based on these suggestions, you have a strategy to enter the efficient words in the following tries. Prioritize the words containing the orange characters and change their positions until you give the right answer in the sixth guess.

    Tips for Playing Ordlek Optimally

    The only challenge is to guess a Swedish word; however, it is similar to other English guessing word games. To play well, you need to:

  • Fill in the 5-letter words containing the consonants. This differs slightly from the English puzzle game, which often prioritizes guesses with many vowels.
  • Rely on the feedback to give the optimal answer in the next guesses.
  • Avoid reusing the gray letters.
  • Give the exact answer on the final try. Remember that you only have 6 chances.
  • If you're studying Swedish, Ordlek might be a beneficial game that helps you practice and improve your vocabulary. This is certainly a captivating and fun game for those players who like guessing words. Ensure that you won’t be disappointed!

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