A Quick Look At The Outspell Game

Many puzzle game lovers may think of the legendary Wordle or Crossword when mentioning a word-guessing game. These titles challenge players to find the correct words based on the hints given by the game. However, the Outspell game has changed how people enjoy this game genre.

With this variant, you will compete with a computer-based opponent to find as many valid English words as possible. The player who figures out more words will win the game.

Particularly, the hints to guess and form a word in Outspell will depend on your formation of the previous word. Therefore, you can build your own hints when playing. Besides, the competitive engine makes the game more challenging and stimulating than other single-play versions.

Is It Difficult To Play The Outspell Game?

Winning the Outspell game is difficult, but getting acquainted with its playing is not.

The game will give you six letters in advance, and your mission is to arrange the letters into a valid word, regardless of the number of letters required in a word. Firstly, you will start with a move or a word arranged at the center of the board.

In the bottom right corner of the letter, you can see a small number, and this is the point added to your record after the letter is successfully included in a valid word. You can double or triple the points applied to the letter by putting it in the x2 or x3 square on the board.

The subsequent guess must contain a word from the previous guess while not forming an invalid combination with other letters. The acceptable direction for a word formation is from top to bottom and from left to right.

Let’s have a look at the picture. The acceptable words are “SON” and “GAIN” but not “NOS” and “NIAG.” The reason is that the words “NOS” and “NIAG” are not correct words, and the order of letters goes against the game’s rules.

Some Features In The Outspell Game

  • The Dictionary button will work as the most helpful support for you. You can check possible words before submitting your answer.
  • The “Tiles In Bag” represents the board's remaining letters or square boxes. The game ends when all the tiles run out, or both players have no idea of which word to create. The victory will be awarded to the player with a higher score.
  • Press “Pass” when you can’t think of any further guesses and wait for the next chance.
  • The “Shuffle” button is to reorganize the order of letters displayed below the board randomly. This function is practical to promote a hint for you.
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