About The Periodle Game

The wordle nyt game has long been known as one of the most successful puzzle games in the world. It has paved a new way for many game developers to create a spin-off with simple graphics but fascinating gameplay. Among many names inspired by Wordle, Periodle stands out with many wonderful features and stimulating gameplay.

Both involve guessing an English word. Nevertheless, the Wordle game questions players with a five-letter English word combined with normal alphabetical letters, while Periodle challenges players to determine the word formed with the letters standing for the elements in the periodic table.

Therefore, the secret word in the Periodle game will consist of 5 to 10 letters, depending on the number of letters in each element. Yet, you must use exactly 5 elements to form a word, or else the game won’t count your guess as a valid one.

Playing Tutorial Of The Periodle Game

Commonly, word-guessing games can be played both by keyboards or by clicking the virtual buttons on the screen. So is the Periodle game. However, we highly recommend that you use your computer mouse or tap the button on the virtual keyboard.

Since only the letters included in the element buttons are approved, you won’t have to waste your time making irrelevant guesses. For instance, if you plan to guess the word “POWER” but no element is presented by the letter “E,” the word “POWER” won’t be accepted.

Consequently, you should form words just by using the given element buttons containing double or single letters.

What Are The Meanings Of Colors In The Periodle Game?

After you submit your guessed word by pressing Enter, four colors, each with a separate meaning, may show up:

  • The green letter (or the element button) indicates that it is included in the hidden word and you have perfectly picked it.
  • The yellow letter, aka the element button, is an indication of a nearly correct guess. The letter is in the hidden word, but you have misplaced it in the word’s order.
  • The gray color is a sign of a wrong guess. Gray letters/element buttons won’t appear in the secret word.
  • The orange color shows up when there is a combination of the green and the yellow color. For example, the solution word is “PRACTICAL,” but you have arranged the word “PIRACY.” So, the element buttons “P,” “I,” and “RA” will be colored in orange. The reason is that while all of them are not included in the solution word, the “RA” element still appears in the word. The same case goes to the “P” and “I” elements.
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